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Emmy June is a Finnish singer-songwriter who draws from the American singer-songwriter tradition, soul, rock and the present and past of pop music. With the release of her debut album “The Spring” in early 2023, she captured hearts and garnered significant attention in The Finnish indie music scene. 


Together with her band she captivates with their organic sound and heartfelt storytelling both live and in the studio, and the shows are memorable experiences - the stage practically overflows with energy, live arrangements, vulnerable moments and the joy of playing and sharing music. 


Emmy June's music reflects her love for strong, independent female artists. She was captivated by Kate Bush's music as a child. In her teenage years, Tori Amos showed how to rock on the piano, and a bit later, Amy Winehouse proved that music didn't need to be heavy to be emotionally impactful. 


Her artist name, referencing her birth month, also speaks to the challenges she encountered during her school years and her pursuit of carving out her own path beyond institutional norms. Summer signifies freedom and the opportunity for her to be her authentic self, which is precisely what songwriting represents to her.


Emmy June is currently writing her second album.

The Spring, Released 2/10/2023
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